Hello & Assalam Allaikum,

I appreciate your visit. If you like and value other person’s point of view, this place is for you. Feel free to criticize me. I don’t feel any hesitation to accept that I am wrong. But you must have your say.

I change. I evolve. I grow. I learn. I make mistakes. I cry. I laugh. I love saying, “I don’t care!”…though deep down I do.

I give advice. I hope. I dream. I make castles in the air. I lose my temper. I’m funny when I’m mad. I love with everything I have. I’m ambitious. I’m domestic. I’m cheap. I work through, under, over, rules. I do what I need to do to survive. I’m a die-hard romantic. I’m selfish. I’m quiet. I’m honest. I’m conceited. I’m stubborn. I’m proud. I’m reserved. I love attention. I love and I love being loved. I am liar (PROUD). I prefer sitting in corners and analyzing people. I’m careful. I’m cautious. I’m uninhibited. I don’t think twice before speaking. My honest response gets me in trouble. My motto should be…

“Think Twice, Speak Once”

I just do not understand my ownself. Do You……??


I was born in a small village named KOHAR(yup its in Pakistan) and the day was 6th of June 1982. That makes me a Gemini. Don’t know if I have a(n evil) twin, but I like it, nonetheless. As the lore goes, Geminis multitask, are full of mood swings and get bored easily. I’ve been known to be a fan of multitasking on occasions, which basically means that I almost always never complete any of my simultaneous tasks (or at least, finish them in time). Geminis also like to talk, but I like to talk nonsense.

I was born intelligent but education has ruined me so now a days I am Chitta Unparh. I have two arms, two legs, a heart, a brain- all are in order. Perfect, yes…I m perfect and I m grateful to ALLAH….for making me….

My interests are vast and wide and short-termed. Surfing the web, reading books, day-dreaming, talking to myself—I do it all. Music and movies have their share in my interests, but I can’t name any favourites. Speaking of my hobbies, one of them is wasting time. Next hobby is telling lies and the third one is suffering from the consequences of boths.

In my childhood, I used to be very naughty. I broke all most each and everything i could get my hand on from Abbu’s huqqa and  watch to ammi’s handi. HAHAHA, kash koi louta day wo piyaray piyaray din.

Don’t know what else to say.


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